What is a Community of Legacy Living?

“Legacy is anything, tangible or intangible, of any size…that we intentionally or unintentionally leave behind.” Meg Newhouse

As we moved into our 50’s, we discovered immense change! The change consisted of many highs and lows. From our last child going off to college, both kids marrying, retirement, aging parents, grandchildren and all the new wonderful and daunting things we encountered in our marriage. We did not find a manual that would guide us through all these changes!

Finding others, who had gone before or were in the trenches with us, gave us solace that we were not alone. We have learned a few things along the way through much prayer, books, podcasts and by meeting with others who could help us sort through this journey.

Now… we are excited to start a blogging and social media venture in hopes to build a community of encouragement, fellowship and great joy in this new phase of life. We hope to not only share our findings, but we want to talk to you, get together with you and have you share your quest in this new season. Let’s be a community that lives and leaves the best legacy for those we love.

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