About Us…

We (Ray and Denise) have learned a great deal over our 50+ years of life and over 30 years of marriage. Now we are on a new journey… one we have planned for, but with new things we never expected! There is a lot of change after 50 and a lot of things to adjust to; marriage, adult children, aging parents, grandchildren, retirement, finances, health and many more! That is our purpose behind this site and our social media… . to share our experience and learnings as well as learn from you all.

Our family is our greatest joy in life. Our children are both married now and we gained a couple more wonderful children through their spouses.  Best of all, we recently had our first grand baby and expecting our second.  It's fun to see them "out on their own" and building their own families.  What we didn’t expect was all the changes we would go through as they became adults. I think we may pray (and yeah… worry) for them more now. One thing we have found is that even after they are out of our house and on their own… . they are still our kids! We are constantly learning how to build our relationships now that we are all adults!

We have had to experience the loss of Ray’s mom and dad. Along the way, we worked with Ray’s sister and brother-in-law as they shouldered many of the issues. Denise’s parents are in good health and we want to help them as we all get older.

Another major event for us was that Ray retired after 30+ years in the oil and gas business. Wow! It has been great but different from what we thought and all the marketing tells you! We want to live out this phase of our life with purpose and share it with those we love.

So… we want to share our lives with you! We plan to share our journey, both the good and not so good, in words, photos and time together.